My name is Edward, I’m 28 and currently live in Nottingham England.

I guess the main reason ive started this blog is because over the past few months I’ve embarked on a mission to overhaul my entire diet and fitness regime. Inspired by the lovely Miss Kerry Edward’s whose blog celebrated it’s 1st Birthday just this month!

Until the age of about 21 I tipped the scales closer to the weight of 16stone then I care to think about! At that time I took the initiative to loose weight before university and by the time I went got to a healthier 13 stone.

Since then and after trying every fad diet, sometimes stupid eating habits and from doing exercise… I shed further weight. This however yo yo’d around the 12 and a half stone mark for some time. I would loose interest in the gym after a few months and just go back to eating rubbish.

Over the past year I have been conditioning my body ready for some serious results.

I have no intention what so ever of looking like a male Adonis. While it would be fantastic! It’s not a long term, realistically maintainable goal. I want to be fit, healthy and happy!

As well as my weight issues, I have suffered for some years from serious acne. After various treatments at the Dr over the space of 7 years I have finally discovered that its not just my hormones that causes breakouts but in fact my diet too. Since going to the gym regularly and isolating major food groups within my diet I have been able to attribute cretin foods to my on going skin agony. My acne has since cleared dramatically!

This blog is basically going to be an on going journal for which I’ll share my findings about diet and health. Ideas about fitness and thoughts as to what can be done to help anyone who might need that extra bit of encouragement. I’m not a Dr or a trained professional. All opinions are my own unless started otherwise! I just call it as i find!

So, a little bit more about me might be nice. As I’ve said I’m 28 and have just moved into my own place before Christmas. I love living on my own haha though I do miss all my old housemates… Sometimes lol

I work as a photo editor for The Press Association processing all the ShowBiz content (Empics Entertainment). I absolutely adore my job. It gets a bit hectic sometimes but i love the media, i love photography and i love entertainment so I’m pretty well suited for the job really. I also work as a supervisor at Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, which is England’s Oldest Inn! I just do that part time to top up Ye Olde bank account haha Plus you get to meet some great people!

I love cinema, music and art so will no doubt comment on these things from time to time!

Anyway, hope you enjoy what you see! Feel free to drop me a comment should you feel the urge!! Im not on Facebook but am on Twitter so drop me a Tweet sometime if you so desire @EdwardwjSmith


This is me posing lol




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    1. Ah wow, thank you so much! this is awesome! I’m really pleased that anyone is even reading it let alone thinks it’s good enough to recommend to others!! 😀 thanks so much!! woop

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