There are really no two ways about it, i used to be a fatty. Total, food munching, fatty McHeff! There was no other reason for my obesity other then my love for food. My eyes were bigger then my belly and i ate anything i wanted. I stopped looking at the scales as it etched towards 16 stone but some years ago i decided that i had to make a change.

While in college i got a part time job and became a lot more active but never really tired to loose weight. After a year out i went to college for a second time and while my weight fluctuated i was still a heavy guy, never under 14 stone.

As a child and up until my late teens there i did nothing to control what a ate. I loved and do still love food. Some weeks i would eat three sunday roast dinners, taking in both my grandparents houses after my dinner at home! Because grandparents are what they are they always supplied me with puddings and sweets for afters.

As I got older my weight became more of an issue and more for vanity reasons then health, i decided to loose weight. I had no idea how to do it other then to simply eat less food. I have never had an eating disorder though i did find that by drinking copious amounts of water i felt fuller and naturally ate less, thus lost weight. But, as soon as i started to eat again, which was inevitable i put weight back on.

My weight, as i said, fluctuated for some years until i went to uni where i did join a gym and start to take up regular exercise. I lost weight and it felt amazing. At this point though i knew nothing about a healthy diet or nutrition. For about 4 years i had a passing acquaintance with gyms. I’d get bored and quit after a few months, having made some progress granted, but still didnt really have a love for it, until now.

In March 2011 i decided that something had to be done. I was at my slimmest for some years at just over 12 and a half stone but knew that with hard work i could not nessercerely loose weight but improve my physique, fitness and thus health. So, i began going to the gym on a regular basis, changed my diet and am now a very healthy 73kg which is just over 11 stone.

My next stage is to basically get ripped. I’ve spent a good year getting into the gym ,regular exercise and working out how best to fit it into my life. I want a body that i am going to be able to sustain long term, not just in the short. I have had some personal training sessions which were incredible. Elliot showed me so many things and has truly spured me on to go further. I only wish i could afford him every week! Sadly not so the journey from here on is on my own.

All the information on this page is stuff that i have tried, am trying and doing to help change the way i look. to get that beach body and the body of an Adonis! lol People think i’m joking but hey, you have to have a goal right!? My dream is to be one of them cover stars on Men’s Health Magazine! So, check back in a year and see how im doing!

Hopefully I’ll be able to help other people on their journey to loose weight, change something or just become the person they are meant to be! I’ve learned SO much which is partly why i’ve started this blog, so i can share that knowledge.

20120314-215754.jpg                20120314-215454.jpg


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